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Stories from obesity:

We all know that a poor diet is unhealthy, but a new BYU study finds that stress may just as harmful to our bodies as a really bad diet.

Thanks to a national initiative, salad bars are showing up in public schools across the country. Now a BYU researchers is trying to figure out how to get kids to eat from them.

Lance Davidson

New research from Brigham Young University finds that patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery after the age of 35 see a major improvement in long-term survival.


Most heavy teens’ attempts to lose weight don’t work, but a new study shows a big secret of those who do succeed.

Now new BYU biological research is showing for the first time how high-fat, high-sugar food causes our bodies to gain weight and develop diseases – at the cellular level.

In the long run, encouraging a baby to finish the last ounce in their bottle might be doing more harm than good.

Exercise science professor Larry Tucker and his colleagues found that obesity decreases physical activity over time for women.

Three separate BYU studies appear in a special issue of the journal Economics and Human Biology that focuses on obesity and the family.