Stories from Marriott School:

BYU entered new territory today as the U.S. News released their annual “Best Colleges” rankings. The university reached its highest overall ranking ever, coming in at No. 61 among national universities.

Dream Illustration

A BYU dreamer (and professor) wants to help people better understand dreams to help improve their lives. So he and his colleagues built an app.

Cat in computer

There’s a reason marketers make appeals to our senses; the “snap, crackle and pop” of Rice Krispies makes us want to buy the cereal and eat it. But as savvy as marketers are, they may be missing an ingredient in their work.

Eva Witesman speaks at BYU Devotional

Eva Witesman, associate professor in the Marriott School of Management, delivered this week’s devotional address about the importance of obtaining education in preparation for the future God sees in all of His children.

Clay Ellis

You’ve tried it all: spreadsheets, software, the envelope system. And despite your best efforts, it seems like every month you blow your budget. One BYU student wants you to give it one more shot, using his budgeting app.

BYU professor Jeff Dotson launched a study with Google and Drexel University to see if comapnies can use search volume to assess brand health in real time.

Research from BYU, Harvard and the Federal Reserve shows tuition costs increases connect back to increases in student loan availability.

Student entrepreneurs have come up with a way to put a penny behind every "like" on the Internet.


A disheartening new study coauthored by a BYU business professor reveals that discrimination is still tainting the American Dream for minorities. Researchers found minority loan seekers were given less information on loan terms, were asked more questions about their personal finances, and offered less application help by loan officers as compared to white loan-seekers.

A recently published BYU business study finds that employees who are “true believers” in the mission of their organization are more likely to increase in status and influence than non-believers.