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Stories from Linguistics:

Jacob Rawlins

A BYU linguistics professor is exploring the ways companies use myth and storytelling to foster unity and support during times of change.

man getting fired

New BYU research shows that when it comes to receiving bad news, most people prefer directness, candor and very little — if any — buffer.

Inspired by Tolkien, Dirk Elzinga created his own language as a teenager. That dabbling eventually led to a career as a linguist: one who is documenting a trio of endangered Native American languages.

Quichua woman placing stones on a table

In the Andes and Amazon Field School, a BYU team is learning and preserving the Quichua language and culture. See this stunning photo essay

It’s no secret that Utahns tend to drop the T in words like “mountain.” BYU linguistics professor David Eddington and student Matthew Savage researched how, exactly, it happens — both physically and socially.