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Stories from innovation:

Kimball Parker and Gordon Smith

BYU Law School announced the launch of LawX, a legal design lab that will create products and other solutions to address the pressing issues relating to access to legal services. 

BYU's 2017 Student Innovator of the Year created a lightweight insulator that covers hammocks for cold-evening camping.

A computer scans the model before printing

What you sculpt is what you get.

A new method of 3D printing created by Computer Science Professors Michael Jones and Kevin Seppi removes the amount of skill required to design an object for 3D printing.

A group of BYU students has devised an innovative technological device to keep you and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts in touch while in nature: A tiny two-way radio that connects to your phone or headphones via Bluetooth.

This August, President Obama announced an ambitious plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent by 2030. BYU professor Larry Baxter is developing a technology that can actually do it.

One of the 2014 SIOY winners is Kiband, a wearable Bluetooth technology that notifies parents when a child has wandered too far away by sounding an alarm.

BYU business professors Jeff Dyer and Nathan Furr say traditional business schools are failing to teach innovation to students. Their new book provides the tools to think and create like the world's best innovators.

BYU's Student Innovator of the Year Competition brought out new ideas on rapid home construction, how to get a free lunch, and measuring concussions in football.

In perhaps the most successful season ever for BYU entrepreneurship, innovating students have won or raised more than $500,000 for startup ventures this spring.

Student innovator Jacob Colvin and a team created a baby monitor that alerts parents if an infant’s heart rate significantly drops as it sleeps.