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Stories from history:

Rebecca de Schweinitz with American Girl Doll

BYU's Rebecca de Schweinitz has studied children and youth in the Civil Rights Movement for years. Her recent work with American Girl aims to empower young people and gives parents some important, timely talking points.

Long before Texas Western defeated Kentucky for the 1966 national championship – depicted in the film “Glory Road” – there were the Sidney Lanier High School Voks, a team that found little glory as they made history.

As BYU celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Karl G. Maeser Memorial Building, a new documentary about the university’s early history will air on BYU Broadcasting stations Oct. 6, 7 and 13.

While the fight against segregation on public buses remains a civil rights symbol, a BYU historian shows how the struggles of black families vacationing by car contributed to the push for equal access to public accommodations.