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Stories from geology:

BYU professor in front of newly discovered dinosaur

Meet Utah’s newly discovered dinosaur, Moabosaurus utahensis, whose past offers insights into the state’s ancient history.

Jani Radebaugh

Jani Radebaugh discovered a mountain nearly as tall as Mt. Timpanogos on Saturn's largest moon, adding to a string of recent discoveries that show Titan is the most earth-like object in the solar system. 

Brigham Young University geologists found evidence of some of the largest volcanic eruptions in earth’s history right in their own backyard.

Someday, Oahu’s Koolau and Waianae mountains will be reduced to nothing more than a flat, low-lying island like Midway.

Thrusting the iron claws of their hammers into a river of red-hot lava, Brigham Young University students pull back ropy samples of molten rock that stretch through the air like soft taffy.