Stories from Fine Arts and Communications:

Outfitting the musical world's most iconic nanny requires creativity, engineering, and a spoonful of sugar.

BYU’s new collaborative alternate reality game, designed to attract youth to STEM, lets teens join forces with a mysterious group of innovators to fight the destructive entity known as “S.”

"Don't Stop Believin'" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" are among the list of pop songs researchers say people are connecting to on a spiritual level. 

BYU grad-student research says taking and posting pictures of yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a narcissist.

Koussevitzky Bass

One of the oldest double basses in the world has a rich musical history filled with ghost stories, international fame, an airplane accident and most recently, a six-week visit to BYU.

BYU Ballet Showcase

Ballet Showcase features eleven BYU ballet dancers performing beautiful, engaging choreography by faculty and students in both classical and contemporary ballet.

Orpheus Winds

The BYU School of Music presents Orpheus Winds Thursday, Oct. 27, at 7:30 p.m., in the Madsen Recital Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center. This event is free and no ticket is required.

This comic masterpiece untangles the double lives of two well-to-do society-gentlemen, both of whom have assumed the same alias in order to escape the doldrums of everyday life.

Editorial endorsements of presidential candidates have been a long-standing tradition for many newspapers, but new research shows a substantial shift in how the endorsements have changed throughout the last 50 years.

Camron Talbot tells volunteer players where to go and what pokemon to catch

As hospitals around the country ban Pokémon GO to preserve safety and security, a group of BYU advertising students have developed a solution that allows sick kids to play the game without impeding hospital functionality.