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Stories from Family Home and Social Sciences:

Jaren Pope

BYU economics professor Jaren Pope found that when interest rates dropped, 20 percent of American homeowners who could have benefited from refinancing didn’t, leaving a total of $5.4 billion on the table.

New research from BYU’s autism experts is providing clues into the link between aggression and autism — clues the team hopes will eventually lead to more effective intervention.

Batman Boy

A new BYU study found children who frequently engage with superhero culture are more likely to be physically and relationally aggressive one year later and not more likely to be defenders of kids being picked on by bullies.

Rebecca de Schweinitz with American Girl Doll

BYU's Rebecca de Schweinitz has studied children and youth in the Civil Rights Movement for years. Her recent work with American Girl aims to empower young people and gives parents some important, timely talking points.

Professor David Magleby and a student talk about the exit poll on the KBYU Election Night set

With Utah considered a “tossup” in the Presidential election, all eyes will be on the Utah Colleges Exit Poll and its KBYU broadcast Tuesday night when voting booths close at 8 p.m.


Arden Pope

BYU professor Arden Pope has studied the environmental economics of air pollution for decades, showing that air pollution causes cardiovascular problems. Now he's showing how it does so.

Students Running

Teens use smartphones successfully to do almost anything: learn new skills, communicate with friends, do research and catch Pokémon. But a new study finds smartphones aren’t as useful for helping teens maintain weight loss.

Professor Jessica Preece

Professor Jessica Preece has authored several new studies that show how women respond to efforts recruiting them to run for political office. 

Man Playing Video Games in Dark Room

Not all withdrawn individuals are the same, but for emerging adults who do everything they can to avoid social interaction, combining that with things like violent video games or pornography can cause big problems.

Young Girl Playing Princess

Gendered behavior can become problematic if girls avoid important learning experiences. BYU professor Sarah M. Coyne looks at how Disney Princesses play a role.