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Stories from family:

A new parenting study led by professor Ali Crandall finds that the greater emotional control and problem-solving abilities a mother has, the less likely her children will develop behavioral problems such as throwing tantrums or fighting.

BYU Young Company presents The Glorious Story Emporium

Oct. 4 marks BYU Young Company's first of 10 improvised performances based on fairytale elements

Wife spending and husband cringing

A new multistate study from researchers at BYU and Kansas State found when a husband thinks his wife spends too much money, whether it’s reality or perception, financial and marriage problems follow

A new study from BYU shows that when parents compare their kids, it shows up in the classroom.

Scholars at Brigham Young University and Princeton conducted research about the stress of parenting. Some stepfathers – those with multiple family roles – experience the highest stress levels.

A new study brings good news to all the brothers out there: Having a sibling is just as good for you as it is for your sister.

Before you revive the debate about which sibling in your family is the favorite, you’ll want to know what the latest research shows.

Parents may not be as savvy with social media as their teenage children, but new research shows they shouldn’t shy away from sending their teen a friend request on Facebook or engaging them on Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms.

Three separate BYU studies appear in a special issue of the journal Economics and Human Biology that focuses on obesity and the family.

Fathers looking to bolster their relationships with teenage children don’t need to break the bank this summer for a major family trip. A new study by BYU researchers says youth feel a higher level of family cohesion and functionality when dad simply spends more time playing catch, watching a movie or eating with them.