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Stories from elections:

Professor David Magleby and a student talk about the exit poll on the KBYU Election Night set

With Utah considered a “tossup” in the Presidential election, all eyes will be on the Utah Colleges Exit Poll and its KBYU broadcast Tuesday night when voting booths close at 8 p.m.


Professor Jessica Preece

Professor Jessica Preece has authored several new studies that show how women respond to efforts recruiting them to run for political office. 

Ever had the feeling that someone was looking over your shoulder while you voted?

Chock-full of questions about Twitter and Congress, political science major David Lassen found a mentor in Professor Adam Brown (@utahdatapoints) willing to guide him through the process of answering one significant question. Are members of Congress more likely to use Twitter if they are vulnerable to losing their seat in the next election?

Not so long ago Wikipedia was considered a playground for Capitol Hill staffers to game the system and make “the boss look better and the opponent look ridiculous.”