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Stories from Education:


BYU researchers found that though most comments on TEDx and TED-Ed videos are neutral, women receive more of both positive and negative comments than men.

scientists teaching science they're not trained to teach

Despite efforts from No Child Left Behind to promote “highly qualified” teaching, BYU research shows that just 36 percent of new science teachers are teaching only in their trained subject.

Eva Witesman speaks at BYU Devotional

Eva Witesman, associate professor in the Marriott School of Management, delivered this week’s devotional address about the importance of obtaining education in preparation for the future God sees in all of His children.

elementary school student typing

Schoolchildren have become accustomed to digital communication — think texting — but haven’t necessarily learned to switch off the habits formed in casual communication when using digital media for academic purposes.

textbooks vs. open educational resources

Dozens of studies from a team of BYU researchers show college students don't necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on textbooks to get a high-quality education.

Underwater robot competition

More than 800 elementary and middle school students descended on the Lehi Legacy Center pool this week, but none of them got in the water.

Thanks to a national initiative, salad bars are showing up in public schools across the country. Now a BYU researchers is trying to figure out how to get kids to eat from them.

New research from BYU’s autism experts is providing clues into the link between aggression and autism — clues the team hopes will eventually lead to more effective intervention.

Girl Picked Last

BYU education professor David Barney recently published two studies on P.E. practices that can help kids have better experiences: listening to music and picking teams privately.

Melissa Heath, Timothy Smith and Ellie Young in the McKay Education Building

Faculty in the BYU school psychology program do more, high-quality research than any other group of school psychology professors in the US, as stated by academic journal Research and Practice in the Schools.