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Stories from civil rights:

Rebecca de Schweinitz with American Girl Doll

BYU's Rebecca de Schweinitz has studied children and youth in the Civil Rights Movement for years. Her recent work with American Girl aims to empower young people and gives parents some important, timely talking points.

BYU illustration professor Justin Kunz designed a new gold coin for the US Mint, designing a re-imaged Lady Liberty in the process.

KBYU-TV Channel Eleven is hosting a film screening of “An Ordinary Hero,” a documentary based on the experiences of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, an important member of the Civil Rights Movement and one of the original Freedom Riders during the 1960s.

While the fight against segregation on public buses remains a civil rights symbol, a BYU historian shows how the struggles of black families vacationing by car contributed to the push for equal access to public accommodations.

Two weeks before the Brown v. Board of Education ruling 50 years ago, the Supreme Court ruled on a lesser-known case that opened the door for ethnic minorities other than African-Americans to combat civil rights infringements.