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Stories from civil engineering:

It’s been a little over a month since a devastating 7.1-magnitude earthquake killed 370 people and injured roughly 6,000 more in Mexico. A BYU professor is helping find answers to help the rebuilding effort.

BYU civil engineering students traveled to the Dominican Republic earlier this year to help the island nation's water agencies forecast possible flooding with more lead-time than is now available.

Prostate cancer is much easier to cure in its early stages, but can remain undiagnosed because early stages of the disease may not produce symptoms until the tumor is either very large or has invaded other tissues.

BYU professor Michael Scott is one of 54 American professors recently named as a “Highly Cited Researcher” by Thomson Reuters.

BYU professor Kevin Franke was one of four U.S. professors invited to a special geotechnical engineering reconnaissance mission to learn how the earthquake impacted ancient and modern infrastructure.

Grant Schultz

Newly published research from BYU civil engineers finds that up to 25 percent of vehicles in Utah’s high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes during rush hour are violating carpool requirements.

Led by civil engineering professor Grant Schultz, a BYU team has developed one of the country’s most advanced traffic safety models for the Utah Department of Transportation.