Stories from byugrad:

April commencement 2017

Read through President Worthen's advice to BYU's newest graduates. Be inspired by stories of pushing others across the finish line. And improve your life with 3 steps for success.

From students to teachers overnight: Elizabeth Olsen and Kalie Peck, elementary education students, taught 37 students when their practicum mentor suddenly became ill.

After an accident resulting in paralysis, Stephen Merrill excelled by identifying what he did well and things he could do––like graduate with a master's degree in Applied Statistics.

Amy Briggs

Once Amy Briggs found engineering, there was no stopping her.

It was a love of numbers that carried Kim Chi Pham through homesickness, past language barriers and eventually placed her at the top of her field.

Thomas Stone

At BYU's Commencement exercises this week, Thomas Stone will represent the graduates as the student speaker.

BYU Graduation

Elder Bradley D. Foster, General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is scheduled to be the presiding authority and speaker during Brigham Young University's Commencement Exercises on Thursday, April 27.

Kaia Hodgson

“Our lives are shaped by tiny choices,” said Kaia Hodgson. “Although there are some that seem big and important, it’s really the small and simple decisions that we frequently make that have the greatest impact.”

Valen Auna Cox

Valen Auna Cox’s educational path has been anything but traditional. The “perfect” plan she made after high school was quickly derailed by Mr. Right. Now, 40 years later, she is finally walking away with her degree.

Russell Henriksen

Russell Henriksen came to BYU in 1979 but left before earning a degree. Now, after years of wanting, He is renewed with a sense of hope, and a degree, to help shape his future.