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Stories from BYU:

Noteworthy poses for their 2017-18 photoshoot.

BYU women's a capella group Noteworthy will release their new album, "How Sweet the Sounds: Songs of Inspiration," at a concert on BYU campus November 9. 

Ever have a craving for pizza but can’t decide where to go? Well fret no more because five BYU undergrads have made the decision a piece of cake. Using a combination of math, statistics, restaurant reviews and computer programming they have narrowed down the top five pizza places in Provo and Orem:

If you want to see just how far BYU’s latest research extends, step outside of your house tonight, look up towards the sky, focus your view between the constellations of Cygnus and Lyra, and then zoom in about 100 million light years.

With a best-selling book and a box office hit, author Lauren Hillenbrand and director Angelina Jolie popularized the story of Louis Zamperini - an American Olympian who fought in World War II and endured several tormented years in Japanese prisons.

Most heavy teens’ attempts to lose weight don’t work, but a new study shows a big secret of those who do succeed.

Before Charlotte the spider spelled the word “humble” in her web to describe Wilbur the pig, she told Templeton the rat that the word meant “not proud.”

New research finds that the seemingly small, everyday interruptions that come with smart phones and other devices are interfering with romantic relationships.

When you flush the toilet, you may be discarding microscopic warning signs about your health.

A BYU professor and students have created an online video tool that could revolutionize how we teach and learn language, using hyperlinked subtitles.

No matter what type of chemotherapy you attack a tumor with, many cancer cells resort to the same survival tactic: They start eating themselves.