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Stories from brain:

Most people agree that getting a little exercise helps when dealing with stress. A new BYU study discovers exercise under stress also helps protect your memory.


As many YouTube videos show, striking the top of a liquid-filled bottle can shatter the bottom. Researchers are hoping to use new knowledge of the party trick to help fill a gap in something much more serious: brain research.

In a newly published study, exercise sciences professors and a neuroscientist at BYU used MRI to measure how people's brains respond to high and low-calorie food images at different times of the day.

A new BYU study finds that adults with poor heart health are more likely to develop cognitive (brain) problems as they age, such as memory and learning impairment.

2 BYU professors measured the neural activity of 35 women while they viewed food images, both following a morning of exercise and a morning without exercise. They found their attentional response to the food decreased after the workout.