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During Thursday's afternoon session of BYU Women’s Conference, General Sunday School President Brother Tad R. Callister spoke with his wife, Sister Kathryn Callister of the healing power of the Savior. They reminded those in attendance of the permanent healing power only available through Christ.

Sister Callister began her remarks by quoting the Savior in 3 Nephi of the Book of Mormon, “Have ye any that are lame, or blind, or half, or maimed, or leprous, or that are withered, or that are deaf, or that are afflicted in any manner?”

Then she reminded listeners that “afflicted in any manner” does not just mean healing from sin and physical ailments but also mental, social, emotional and spiritual ailments as well.

Sister Callister acknowledged that learning to trust the Savior and allowing his power to heal in times of trial can be difficult. She quoted President Gordon B. Hinckley’s encouraging counsel to “try a little harder to be a little better.”

“We can do that! We can try to be a little bit better each day,” Sister Callister said.

Sister Callister compared this counsel to the experience of a returned missionary she heard speak at a sacrament meeting. Sister Callister recalled how the former missionary shared how in the beginning of her mission she was, “obedient because she was afraid of the consequences.”

Later on in her mission, the missionary described herself as “obedient because she wanted the blessings.” By the end of her mission, Sister Callister paraphrased how her attitude about obedience had completely changed. She was obedient because of her love for Christ.

Sister Callister used this story to illustrate the power obedience can have on our hearts. For the missionary, this transformation was slow and difficult at first but led to overwhelming joy and excitement for sharing the gospel.

Sister Callister explained that allowing the Savior’s Atonement to transform us is accepting His invitation to heal us as stated in 3 Nephi, “Return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you.”

In closing, Sister Callister emphasized that Christ’s invitation is for each one of Heavenly Father's children. The only requirement for such healing, “return unto [Him] and repent.”

Brother Callister echoed the words of his wife and started his talk by addressing how the healing power of Christ can help them in overcoming the many common challenges women of the church face. Brother Callister mentioned several examples such as addiction, wayward children, divorce, motherhood, worthlessness and harmful comparisons.

Brother Callister spoke of the Savior's power and ability to heal no matter the circumstance.

“Of course, there are other resources that may assist, but for the healing process to be complete it must be centered in Jesus Christ,” said Brother Callister.

A Divine Perspective

Brother Callister summed up the requirements for healing in one word, “obedience.” He recalled when Alma in the Book of Mormon pleaded with God in mighty prayer to soften the hearts of the people of Ammonihah. Alma was soon cast out of the city.

“No doubt he viewed his mission as a total failure,” Brother Callister said. “Have you ever felt like that?”

Following a visit from an angel, Alma was commanded to return to the city. Brother Callister invited members to learn from Alma’s example; Alma obeyed and “returned speedily to the land of Ammonihah.”

“I think God has little concern for our worldly titles or secular ambitions but great concern for our obedience and submissiveness to His will,” said Brother Callister.

Brother Callister reminded members that the role of a mother or father, husband or wife, stand supreme in the hierarchy of divine titles. Teaching that in the struggle that accompanies one’s journey toward exaltation, every obedient mother is entitled to the Savior’s healing.

“[This healing] has enabling powers that can comfort, refine, perfect and give renewed hope,” Brother Callister said. “Even if our lives are in seeming chaos, disorder and despair, Isaiah promised that the Savior can give unto us ‘beauty for ashes.’”

We are the Sons and Daughters of God

Brother Callister taught the foundation of this healing process is the knowledge of our divine origin coupled with the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

“We are in the driver’s seat as to our divine destiny, and for that reason, we can and should strive to be of good cheer,” said Brother Callister. “As we earnestly strive to do so – to seek the positive however minute it may seem – that attitude, that resolution, carries within it the inherent power to expedite the healing process.”

Never Give up on the Lord

Infinite but not immediate. Brother Callister instructed those in attendance to be patient in the Savior’s healing power and timing.

“I hope you will never give up on the Lord; that, I believe, is one thing we must never do; it is one of the conditions to receiving His healing power – to never lose faith in Him – to never throw in the towel or to surrender to the false narrative that He doesn’t love you or care about you or somehow has forgotten you,” said Brother Callister.

Elder Callister closed his remarks by speaking of the infinite power that can come when Heavenly Father’s children allow the Savior through obedience to heal them.

“For every hurt, He has a remedy of superior healing power,” he said.

Writer: Cory Gill