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Name: Julie Crockett

BYU employee since... 2007

My job at BYU is... associate professor of Mechanical Engineering. I will teach you fluid dynamics if you come to my class, or we will make new discoveries about ocean waves and bouncing water if you come to my research lab.   

Julie Crockett

Currently, I’m working on... first, let me say my graduate students need credit here as well. Together, we are working on describing how water droplets and jets of water react when they come in contact with highly water repellant, superhydrophobic surfaces. We are also working on understanding waves inside the deep ocean and trying to find energy where it was previously assumed to be absent.

I’m currently reading… I just finished the Power of 2 in an attempt to learn to be a better collaborator.

I get most excited about my work when… I see others discover new knowledge or we create new knowledge in the lab.

When I have 30 minutes of free-time, you can find me… at the gym or outside playing.

I became a BYU fan when… I began working here. It is a great place!

My favorite spot on campus is… the waterfalls along the river walk because I love watching water. It is peaceful, beautiful and fun mathematical equations describe its motion.

Three things that are always found in my refrigerator are… Three? There are only two things I can guarantee — milk and cold air. I eat a lot of cereal. A lot. (Toasted Berry Crisp is a favorite)

If I could travel anywhere, I would go to... Southern Africa because where else can you see penguins, rhinos, African lions, giraffes, gorillas, and 40 thousand cubic feet of water per second falling 355 feet?