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Name: Paul Calderella

BYU employee since: 2009

My job at BYU is... a joint appointment. I spend 75 percent of my time working in the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling conducting applied research in public schools and 25 percent of my time in the Counseling and Special Education Department teaching courses and advising students.


Currently I am working on... a grant to develop and evaluate a program for teachers to manage student behavior positively in middle school classrooms.

The Gospel changed the way I view life because... it helped me integrate the heart and the head.

I’m currently reading... the Doctrine and Covenants, both for my personal learning and to aid in my teaching.

I get most excited about my work when... I see it shared with others and the positive influence it has on student development.

The best advice I’ve ever got about teaching is... “It’s all about the relationship.”

My favorite lecture to teach is... how to choose a thesis topic.

When I have 30 minutes of free-time, you can find me... spending time with my family.

I’ve hiked Y Mountain... once (it was a harder climb than I anticipated!).

My favorite spot on campus is... the stream and nature trail — it is a place I sometimes go when I need to calm down and reconnect.

On Saturday mornings you’ll usually find me... at the gym.

My go-to comfort food is... pasta — it speaks to the Italian part of my roots.

My favorite TV show growing up was... Star Trek — the original series with Captain Kirk and Spock.

One item on my bucket list is... to visit the Azores and Sicily, islands from which my ancestors emigrated.