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Name: Ray Clifford 

BYU employee since: 2004

My job at BYU is... ensuring that “less-commonly taught languages” are commonly taught.

Currently I’m working on... improving the diagnostic value of language tests for the students who take them.

I’m currently reading... Peak: Secrets from the new Science of Expertise.

I get most excited about my work when... I receive inspiration that allows me to solve a long-standing research problem.

When I have 30 minutes of free-time you can find me... fixing or building something in my home.

My advice to incoming freshman is... Always have a plan for your life – but be willing to change your plan when the Lord provides new options.

The best-kept BYU secret is... that BYU teaches more advanced-level language classes, to more advanced-level students, in more languages, than any other university.

My go-to BYU Creamery ice cream flavor is... Really Raspberry.

I’m most looking forward to... whatever new challenges tomorrow will bring.

You’ll never find me without my... “To-Do list” and planning calendar.

My favorite quote is... from Hugh Nibley, “[B]eing self-taught is no disgrace, but being self-certified is another matter.”

My favorite TV show growing up was... anything I saw at the neighbor’s house, since my family didn’t own a TV set.