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The Memorial Wall at Brigham Young University, which is located in the Wilkinson Student Center, will remain in its current location as part of a redesigned space for peaceful reflection and meditation. It will continue to be a fitting place to honor BYU veterans who have sacrificed their lives serving their country and become an enhanced setting that encourages pondering and reflection.

The process to determine how to improve the current space where the Memorial Wall is located brought together BYU student leaders and representatives from BYU’s Army and Air Force ROTC programs, as well as the BYU Veterans Club. One consideration was the relocation of the Memorial Wall to a more visible location in the Wilkinson Student Center. However, the committee confirmed the strong interest in having the space serve as both a tribute to BYU’s fallen soldiers and quiet place for reflection and meditation.

“We look forward to the improved space that has been envisioned in providing a place of remembering and peace, where students can find refuge from some of the stresses of daily life,” said Avery Harding, BYUSA President.

Representatives will continue to work together in planning the renovation, which will include new flooring, furniture and art. It is expected that such upgrades will benefit the experience of BYU students and the BYU veterans' community.