Simone (Tyrell Wilde), Gianni Schicchi (Stephen Pace), and Lauretta (Mary Jones) in Puccini's "Gianni Schicchi"
Giacomo Puccini's contrasting operas, "Suor Angelica" (a tragedy) and "Gianni Schicchi," (a comedy) will be presented together by BYU's School of Music.
BYU Campus
Brigham Young University will implement a 2.9 percent increase for both undergraduate and graduate tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year.
Lance Davidson
New research coauthored by a BYU professor shows that 12 years after gastric bypass surgery, significant weight loss and diabetes-related benefits persist in most patients.
man getting fired
New BYU research shows that when it comes to receiving bad news, most people prefer directness, candor and very little — if any — buffer.
Marriott Center
Dr. Michael Ward, senior research fellow at the University of Oxford and C.S. Lewis scholar, shared his theory that Lewis used the medieval cosmos’ seven heavens to symbolize Christ throughout The Chronicles of Narnia.
Ph.D. student Jake Merrell and his mentors have developed a smartfoam that can be placed inside a football helmet to more accurately test the impact and power of hits. The nano composite foam can help diagnose concussions.
Dining Services has announced that effective today it will begin offering caffeinated soft drinks on BYU’s campus.
Stone Cold Sober factory tour
It’s not uncommon for people to poke fun at the fact that BYU embraces the quirky rank where other universities might shun such an award, but this year’s celebration was a prime example of why we celebrate the ranking.