Sister Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities and first counselor in the general presidency of the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encouraged meaningful service by treating others as brothers...
Jiamin receiving award
Jiamin Huang, who recently retired after more than 20 years in BYU’s Dance Department, is being recognized by her home country for contributions she made in enhancing cultural awareness between China and the United States.
Jacob Crandall
BYU researchers developed an algorithm that teaches machines not just to win games, but to cooperate and compromise — and sometimes do a little trash-talking too.
The Secret Life of Suitcases by Ailie Cohen puppet maker
The fifth season of BRAVO!’s “OFF THE MAP: BYU International Theatre Festival” invites shows from around the world for BYU audiences to enjoy.
Research by BYU ecosystem ecologist Ben Abbott presents a new tool to fight nutrient pollution. His study found that streams can be used as “sensors” of ecosystem health, allowing both improved water quality and food production.
Elder LeGrand R. Curtis
Elder LeGrand R. Curtis, Jr. explained one of the most important things he learned while at BYU was that great revelation happens when the mind and heart work together.
The Peking Acrobats mix tradition with cutting-edge technology to create a Chinese carnival.
You’ve probably already made a few New Year’s resolutions, but new research suggests you better make one more for your health: Cut back on binge-watching.