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  • Worldwide violinist phenom Lindsey Stirling receives her BYU degree

    You could say this graduate is used to being on the stage

    Violinist superstar Lindsey Stirling has nearly 7 million YouTube subscribers, more than 3 million Facebook fans and another half a million Twitter followers. Her music videos on YouTube have been watched more than 1 billion times. Yes, 1 billion. But today, smack-dab in the middle of a nationwide performing tour, she will be the one in the audience. Today Lindsey is earning her degree in recreation management from BYU, one of her “life goals.”

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  • Setting the odds for those with MS

    Study gives personalized predictions for the disease’s next move

    Both the doctors who treat multiple sclerosis and the people who experience it agree that the disease is highly unpredictable.

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  • The sound of music, according to physicists

    Researchers elevate musicians in the air and attach lasers to their instruments

    In the name of science, musicians will sit in a chair several feet above the floor in an echoless room and play "Somewhere over the Rainbow" hundreds of times. And they do all this with a laser attached to their instrument, which they must keep aimed inside of a small target in front of them. 

    This painstaking precision yields better sound maps than you can find anywhere else in the music industry. 

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  • Women and fragrances: Scents and Sensitivity

    Why women buy fragrances for their boyfriend, not their best friend

    Researchers at BYU have sniffed out an unspoken rule among women when it comes to fragrances: Women don’t buy perfume for other women, and they certainly don’t share it.

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  • Who wore it best? BYU professor is the expert on Bible and Book of Mormon clothing

    Rory Scanlon, has spent more than 15 years pouring through archeological and anthropological records to discover what people dressed like during Bible and Book of Mormon times, becoming an expert in the field.

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  • Peace like a river: One veteran's struggle with PTSD

    BYU grad finds healing through connection with nature

    Warren Price, a retired medic with the Utah Army National Guard who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, has found healing through recreational therapy. He hopes his story can help others who struggle with PTSD.

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  • Kid swagger: How children react to winning and losing

    Staged contest shows when kids recognize complex emotions

    A group of preschoolers were given one shot to beat the world’s fastest builder of block towers.

    How they reacted to this staged contest gives parents a helpful timeline for when to teach them important emotional skills. 

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  • BYU professor taps crowdsourcing effort to find fireflies in Utah

    Citizen science project helps pinpoint lightning bug locations

    A crowd-sourcing project of sorts that invites citizens to post sightings has helped BYU biologist Seth Bybee and other researchers pinpoint where firefly populations exist.

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  • Most of America’s poor have jobs, study finds

    'Science' magazine asserts new study’s importance in presidential election

    The majority of the United States’ poor aren’t sitting on street corners. They’re employed at low-paying jobs, struggling to support themselves and a family. 

    Sociology professor Scott Sanders co-authored a study that compared more than 100 ways of measuring "working poor." The most useful definition produces an estimate that 10 percent of all working households are poor. 

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  • E3 loves video game from BYU

    BYU animation students showcase Relic Hunter at world’s premier video game trade show

    The BYU Center for Animation is braving the new world of video game design. Starting things off by showcasing their game in front of 52,000+ people at the world's premier trade show for video games is a pretty good start.

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