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  • Engineering students give breath to premature newborns in developing world

    Capstone project results in portable ventilator that can save thousands of lives

    A group of BYU engineering students have created a portable ventilator that can be used across the world to help premature or sick newborns receiving life-sustaining oxygen and breathing assistance.

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  • BYU Humanities grads finding jobs in diverse fields

    New way to view data showing vast impact of humanities in business, IT, healthcare, other fields

    Humanities majors everywhere are asked the question, “what are you going to do with that degree,” followed by the predictable “teach?” With some concrete data to display and unique experiences of students to share, the College of Humanities’ hope is that BYU humanities students can be empowered to do with their degree anything they want.

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  • Mathletes repeat history

    BYU > Yale, Princeton in math's "Big Dance"

    As a national math champion in high school with offers from Stanford and MIT, Sam Dittmer came to BYU with lofty expectations.

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