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  • The sound of music, according to physicists

    Researchers elevate musicians in the air and attach lasers to their instruments

    In the name of science, musicians will sit in a chair several feet above the floor in an echoless room and play "Somewhere over the Rainbow" hundreds of times. And they do all this with a laser attached to their instrument, which they must keep aimed inside of a small target in front of them. 

    This painstaking precision yields better sound maps than you can find anywhere else in the music industry. 

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  • E3 loves video game from BYU

    BYU animation students showcase Relic Hunter at world’s premier video game trade show

    The BYU Center for Animation is braving the new world of video game design. Starting things off by showcasing their game in front of 52,000+ people at the world's premier trade show for video games is a pretty good start.

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  • BYU's robotic Mars rover a top finisher at international competition

    Six-wheeled robot rolls, climbs and claws through Mars-like terrain

    Last week, the BYU Mars rover navigated the alien-like terrain at the Mars Desert Research Station on its way to a 2nd place finish at the University Rover Challenge, hosted by the Mars Society. The feat matched BYU’s highest finish in the competition, the world’s top planetary rover event for college students.

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