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  • Using microscopic bugs to save the bees

    Undergraduate BYU student on the path to treating deadly bee-killing bacteria

    Treating Foulbrood is complicated because the disease can evolve to resist antibiotics and other chemical treatments. Losing entire hives not only disrupts the honey industry, but reduces the number of bees for pollinating plants.

    Now an undergraduate student at BYU, funded by ORCA grants, has produced a natural way to eliminate the scourge, and it’s working: Using tiny killer bugs known as phage to protect baby bees from infection

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  • Super subtitles: Using hyperlinked movie subtitles to learn a language at BYU

    A BYU professor and students have created an online video tool that could revolutionize how we teach and learn language, using hyperlinked subtitles.

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  • Meet the Cougars in Meet the Mormons

    4 prominent BYU connections in new feature film from LDS Church

    The new full-length documentary Meet the Mormons premieres Friday and Brigham Young University students, staff and alumni have played many different roles in the production of the film. Some of the BYU connections may surprise you.

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