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  • People on treadmill desks perform tasks nearly as well as those sitting

    Research suggests health benefits of walking desks outweigh drop in cognition

    In a study published today in PLOS One, exercise science professor James LeCheminant and neuroscientist Michael Larson report their findings after putting treadmill desks to the test. The duo compared the cognitive performance of healthy adults sitting at a desk to those using treadmill desks while carrying out the same tasks.

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  • Pregnancy brain: A myth moms can stop believing

    Study looks at all possibilities, finds no cognitive deficiencies

    A rigorous new study debunks the myth that pregnancy comes with a decline in cognitive performance. Sounds unsympathetic, but the study author says this can give moms more reasons to believe in themselves. 

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  • BYU nursing dean honored as national influencer

    In a recently-compiled list of the most influential deans of nursing in the United States, BYU’s Patricia Ravert was named No. 19. Her work in the field of nursing simulation as well as BYU students' impressive test scores are a couple reasons for the high ranking.

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